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Sooo I had to share my twist out with all you naturals out there! I was so excited that it finally came out really well!! Below is the regimen, maybe it will work for some of you if you’re having trouble perfecting your braid/twist outs like I was :) I kept my hair in sections throughout this entire process to avoid fairy knots.


1) Detangled in sections. Sprayed hair with water + coconut oil mixture to minimize breakage. Used large comb first then followed with my modified Denman D3.

2) Kept my hair in sections and let the water/coconut oil mix sit for about 30 mins under shower cap. This served as a slight pre-poo.

3) Shampooed with Shea Moisture Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo. 2x

4) DC’d with my own deep conditioning recipe (lustrasilk shea-mango cholesterol + cheapie conditioner+avocado oil+vit E oil+EVOO+castor oil+rosemary&peppermint EO) under my hooded dryer for 30 mins.

5) Rinsed with cold water. Dried hair using t-shirt method.

6) Begin braiding/twisting in sections. In each section I first oiled my scalp with a JBCO/Jojoba/Peppermint oil mixture. I then added my altered version of kimmaytube’s leave-in to the strands. Followed by Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue as a styling agent.

7) Braid hair and then start to twist at the ends so that the ends curl.

8) Take down with your fav oil of choice…I used vatika oil.

That’s it! I repeated steps 6+7 until my entire head was completed then sat under the hooded dryer for about an hour (because I was going out that night) otherwise I would’ve left the twists in overnight.

If you have any questions just ask!!!

Oh and if you’re curious about this makeup look just ask and I’ll re-post with the makeup products used :)

<3 Risse XoXo

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